Find who got gun money in your state

Click through the chart below for state-by-state breakdowns for donations that groups on both sides of the gun debate give candidates for state offices (such as governor and state legislature) as well as to candidates for the presidency and U.S. Congress and to political parties and PACs. Not included in this chart, but another key component in the influence picture: Independent expenditures made by groups in support or position to candidates, available on Sunlight's Follow the Unlimited Money. Clicking bars on the right hand charts takes you directly to Influence Explorer pages where you can download lists of candidates who received money from each sector.

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Direct contributions to candidates, parties, and PACs

National Averages Average total contributions per state for state level and federal candidates, since 1989

State Candidates
Federal Candidates
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The above figures include only direct contribution to candidates, party committees, and PACs from interest groups and individuals associated with them, since 1989. Information on independent expenditures (another major avenue for influence) is available at Follow the Unlimited Money

Source data include Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute on Money In State Politics. For methodology on coding click here.